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About Us

CASRA was founded in 2011 and it is a Canadian owned management company that has one goal in mind – YOURS. We assisted organizations to build their cyber security governance and compliance to protect their Crown Jewels. At CASRA Cyber Security, we thrive to help organizations manage their cyber security risk and build a Cyber Security program that aligns with the organization’s business goals to ensure an even more secure environment. Our main goal is to help our clients to mitigate security vulnerabilities and breaches, in order to easily meet regulatory and compliance standards and provide a safe environment.  Our services include IT Security Consulting & Compliance, Threat Risk Assessment (TRA), Vulnerability Assessment, penetration testing, Privacy Impact Assessments, Virtual CISO, Customized, training services and digital forensics.

Our Designations

You can rely on our expertise;
We have well-recognized and prestigious professional certifications.

Why CASRA Cyber Security ?

Cyber Security is a principal measure for each organization nowadays. Its importance relies on encompassing everything that relates to protecting various types of sensitive data such as personal identification and information, intellectual property, health information, industry information and systems from theft, damage and frauds attempted by criminals and adversaries. The cyber security risk is increasing, driven by global connectivity and usage of cloud services. Consequently, a holistic approach to awareness of the risk and mitigating it. This can help organizations to improve their cyber security bearings, by quantifying the risks, examining holes in security controls and comparing one business’s cyber security posture against global industry standards. This comes hand in hand with deploying a comprehensive information security awareness program, which will help in developing a security-focused culture and educate employees regarding the policies and procedures of the organization. 

We use a comprehensive approach to help your organization gain a better understanding of the overall security posture.  We recommend utilizing a solution that gathers risk data and provides risk scoring within your organization which will help to determine where risk originates and how urgently it needs to be mitigated   We provide tailor-made cyber security awareness programs and services for multiple industries across both the public and private sectors.  We enable organizations to adjust the way they manage cyber security posture against industry standards and compliance.  We excel in providing outstanding security services as an ongoing organizational practice utilizing efficient and effective security measures and solutions

We understand the organization’s business context, the strengths of current security measures and establish a road map to develop controls, ensuring effective protection to systems, people, assets, data, and capabilities from evolving threats.

We focus on consistent risk management strategies and business continuity as per the organizations’ business needs.

We educate your employees by filling the gaps in your security capabilities to minimize your risk.

We offer high-quality organization embedded cyber security awareness and services aiming to reduce risk and cost and increase efficiency and productivity.

We enable organizations to focus and prioritize their efforts in order to continually function and therefore build long-term relationships.

Think of our team as an extension of yours!  You can count on us!