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About This Service

Our team specializes in collecting, preserving, analyzing, reporting and presenting the information that you need for your case. We follow a strict, consistent and repeatable process that ensures the quality and integrity of the information. Our data is managed and hosted locally, so you never have to worry about the data leaving the country. We are always here to uncover the truth.  We offer the following services:

Civil Litigation

Having the right information in your hands could make millions of dollars in difference. Theft of intellectual property, harassment, time wasting are all areas that we are skilled in.

Litigation Support

We can work with you to help you understand the disclosure in a way that makes sense.

Expert Witness Testimony

We have the ability to take the complicated subject matter and present it in a way that is understandable to the court.

If you suspect that your company is the victim of Intellectual Property theft, our dedicated team can help you in the investigation and assist you in containing the possible damages. On the other hand, if your company is being sued for allowing another company’s information on your network, we can help mitigate your company’s liability.

Our investigative team has carried out hundreds of corporate investigations. The amount of data gleaned from devices, computers, external devices, servers, mobile devices, cloud services and cloud storage can be overwhelming, but the information gathered is invaluable in assisting management in making the right decisions for the company. We are experienced in assuring that no important “place” is overlooked.

The departure of a high-ranking employee is fraught with risks – we have been called on many occasions to assist.

Privacy Breach Investigation and Support

• Oversight of management

• Analysis and support response

• Maintaining privilege

• Forensic investigation

• Identification and oversight of remediation activities.

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If your company needs immediate assistance in an investigation, please contact us.

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