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Cyber Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRP)

What is a Cyber Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRP)?

An incident response plan is a documented, written plan that helps IT professionals and staff recognize and handle a security incident like a data breach, cyber attack, or insider threat.

A well thought-out and executed incident response plan can minimize breach impact, reduce fines, decrease negative public relation, and help you get back to business more quickly.

Phases and life cycle of CSIRP

An incident response plan should be set up to address a suspected data breach in a series of phases with specific needs to be addressed. The incident response phases are:

  • Phase 1: Prepare
  • Phase 2: Identify
  • Phase 3: Contain
  • Phase 4: Eradicate
  • Phase 5: Recover
  • Phase 6: Review

Readiness Assessment

CASRA IT Risk Assessment services and methodology will provide you with a path forward. Our experienced information security consultants will work closely with you and your team to get a complete picture of your security posture. We customize a robust security program that offers a cost-effective and comprehensive response strategy for results that are tangible and validated.

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