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Data Security & Privacy

About This Solution

The world of technology is changing so quickly that innovation occurs before it can be controlled. To protect against misuse of personal data, governments have imposed restrictions through global Data Privacy Regulations such as GDPR in Europe, PIPEDA in Canada, and CCPA in California. These frameworks provide legal guidance that helps to put the individuals’ privacy rights first. Non-compliance results in hefty fines.

The regulations as presented are legally complete but lack the technical detail it takes to put privacy at the foundation of your tools and services. Our philosophy is that, by putting privacy first, you create a stable structure on which to build your services. Our unique approach comes from our technical understanding coupled with years of compliance experience and the ability to architect for growth and expansion.

With our assessment, we look at all aspects of global privacy regulations from Privacy by Design and Privacy Impact Assessments up to Incident Response plans and employee training. We evaluate your company against all the geographically relevant regulations. Though it is impossible to avoid all privacy breaches, through
proper diligence we can mitigate risks, protecting both your data and your reputation.
We offer the following services:

Privacy Risk Analysis

We benchmark your current-state privacy posture against privacy regulations and standards (such as PIPEDA,
GDPR, CCPA, CASL, PHIPA, HIPAA, and privacy & security certifications). We identify risks and provide you with tailored recommendations to improve your privacy posture.

Privacy Regulation Compliance Assessment

Our proprietary assessment will walk you through the steps required to get from privacy as a foundation to full compliance. As we proceed, we explain each step to help to best gauge if you are meeting the standard completely, partially or not at all.

The areas we assess are:

  1. Privacy by Design principles
  2. Privacy Engineering: System Maps, Data Maps, Data Security and Encryption, Data Categorization, and Vendor Management
  3. Data Control and Management: Authentication and Load management
  4. Consent Management: Opt-outs and Privacy Policies
  5. Incident Response: Risk of Harm, Plan and Process
  6. Employee Education: Program and training

The Privacy Assessment deliverables will include a customized and focused roadmap. This roadmap will include prioritized suggestions based on what items have yet to meet compliance as well as items that meet standards but can be optimized for security and performance.

Analysis and Implementation

Following our Global Compliance Playbook, we guide you through analyzing your product and/or service through the eyes of Privacy by Design, we run a full Data Privacy Impact Assessment, and help to categorize your data. We help you implement processes around Incident Response Management, delivering User Rights Requests, and Consent Management.

Using our instructional playbook and templates, these services can be delivered with hands on-guidance or self-serve with advisory hours as requested.

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