Incident Response Services

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Incident Response Services

About This Solution

CASRA Cybersecurity response services range from complete breach response to support of the internal security team. Our goal is to help minimize the impact and provide our expertise in a way that makes most sense. Implementing the response plan is key to fully containing the breach. CASRA helps in the event of a security incident and works with your team to contain the breach and get you back to business faster.

We help and support our clients throughout the incident response lifecycle, preparation, identification, containment, eradication, recovery and lessons learned. 

Retain us and we will be there in a timely fashion to support your team to ensure a quick response to cyber security incidents.

Get peace of mind with CASRA Incident Response services!

Privacy Breach Investigation and Support

• Oversight of management

• Analysis and support response

• Maintaining privilege

• Forensic investigation

• Identification and oversight of remediation activities.

Every Second Counts

We're here to assist:

If your company needs immediate assistance for a possible security breach, please contact us.

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