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Learning Management System (LMS)

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CASRA Security training and awareness programs awareness program include but not limited to
the options of classroom awareness training, LMS training, phishing campaigns and visual aids.
In many cases, the combination of all of these may be the best option. Security awareness
training is not a one-time exercise. Our training will target new employees, existing employees, and
different levels employees such as senior executives and IT employees. Our security awareness
training is ongoing and conducted at regular intervals throughout the year in scenario-based
modules that will help keep cybersecurity issues top of mind. We update the program from
time to time as per the threat environment and your organization needs changes. CASRA Cyber
recognizes the need of organizations to maximize the value of their technology while securing
their assets at the same time; therefore, we are mounting cybersecurity through concentration
on awareness in addition to our service delivery and technology integrations, to enable the organization to take their protection to new levels.

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