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Policies and Procedures

About This Solution

CASRA Cyber Security helps small and mid-size companies to create, review, update Cybersecurity and Privacy Policies and Procedure.

Policies and Procedures shape the body of the documentation required for the proper design and management of a cyber security program. CASRA helps SMBs to create, review and update cyber security and Privacy policies and procedures.

Sample Policies

  • Remote Access Policy: Sets expectation regarding accessing corporate IT resources remotely
  • Password Policy: Requirements for key systems that require passwords, high-level requirements for password generation and protection, etc.
  • Data Breach Response Policy: Outlines the requirements and responsibilities for responding to data breaches and perhaps a communication plan
  • Backup and retention policy: Set general expectations for retention of data and creation and maintenance of backups
  • Encryption Policy: Outlines the requirements for encrypting sensitive information and data (at rest, in use, and in transit)
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Policy: Sets the expectations for recovery of systems after a disaster
  • Privacy policies

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